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Service Using Our Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds mới nhất năm 2024

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Service Using Our Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds, cập nhật nội dung mới nhất năm 2024

As we move forward on our life journey, we come to an understanding that to be successful and prosperous in our lives on earth we have to work to provide ourselves, and the ones that we love and care for, with the resources that are necessary for all of our well-being. Many of us focus on the external world and we exhaust our mind and body with trivial thoughts and unnecessary labor that is of little use or value in accomplishing a satisfactory result in providing our basic needs. Many of us spend our entire lives searching for the answers to provide us with these basic needs which fill us with a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind, and happiness. The reason for our frustration and endless toil is that we have not understood the true meaning and application of “service” to all beings.

So let us look at the meaning and application of service. There are four sources of our existence that we can utilize to serve all beings.

Each one of these sources is connected and most services will require us to use all four. The first of these are our thoughts. This first source will enable the other three to function. The quality of our thought will determine the success of the others to provide the required services needed. The second source is our feelings. Our feelings reflect what we are thinking. If we are thinking positive then our feelings will be positive and good. The third source is our words spoken and written. When our thoughts and feelings are all positive, then our words, spoken or written, will be positive. We then have the fourth source which is our deeds, the physical things we do in life.

Those of us that own, businesses we service people through selling, maintaining, building, improving, expanding, consulting, and investing, of ideas money and products. Then there are those of us that work in a carrier or job that provides service to people through selling, maintaining, building, improving, expanding, consulting, investing in ideas, money and products. Also there are those in service of people through spiritual ministering and counseling. All of these ways of service are necessary for us to be successful and happy, but they are only a small part of understanding the true meaning and application of service.

The four main categories of being that will be addressed in this chapter are: “Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Deeds”.


So let us look at the meaning and application of service using our thoughts. Thoughts that we entertain moment by moment determines the level of positive and productive service that we can provide, which in turn benefits all beings connected to that service. We must be in a mindset of positive and creative thoughts continuously. When we maintain positive thinking in everything that we do we unlock the natural law of manifestation, which in turn allows all circumstances, opportunities, people and resources to flow to us in great abundance, which brings us success, and happiness that we are meant to enjoy! Now let us take a look into this matter in great detail.

We awaken in the morning, and our thinking process begins, so we must not allow ourselves to fall into a negative state of thinking by observing or judging external events, circumstances, and all thing’s which are negative throughout our day. Here are a few examples of this: getting up in the morning, looking out the window and seeing that the weather is windy, cloudy, and raining; we have a choice, we can either choose to think positively about the weather by thinking to ourselves this is a wonderful day to work inside; also, it is good that the trees, plants and soil are enriched with the rain. By thinking positive about the weather, we are in service to all beings connected to the events, circumstances, and things that we are thinking.

If we choose to think negatively about the wind, clouds, and rain; thinking things like; what a nasty, terrible, cold, wet, and windy day this is, we are not providing positive service to all beings connected. Instead, we are adding obstacles that will sabotage our successful and positive day!

Other examples of positive service to all beings would be thoughts like:

  • This water tastes wonderful and it provides my body with good health.
  • This food smells, tastes, and looks good; it also gives my body the nutrients it needs.
  • I am happy and I feel great.
  • I am in perfect heath
  • Today is a successful day for me.

As our day progresses we will be confronted by different environment’s, circumstances and people that may seem to be negative, we must keep ourselves from falling into thinking negative at all. When we do have a negative thought arise in our mind we must shift our thoughts to positive. A very productive way to keep our thoughts positive all the time is using positive affirmations. If we are dealing with thoughts of abundance, we use positive affirmations of abundance. If we are dealing with thoughts of health, we would use positive affirmations of health.

Here are some good examples of positive affirmations in different categories that we deal with every day in our lives. All throughout our day we should go over the affirmations from all of these categories to help us keep our thoughts positive.

Positive Affirmations

Personal goals: needs; success

  • My thoughts are always positive
  • I have a perfect memory
  • I am very happy all the time
  • I achieve all things that I want
  • I am successful

Personal relationships: family; friends; associates

  • I always have loving thoughts
  • I attract positive friends and associates
  • I always think positive things about others
  • I have calm thoughts when I am with family and friends

Alternative medicine physical; mental and exercise

  • I am in perfect physical health
  • I sleep soundly every night
  • I am physically fit
  • Everyone is in perfect health

Resourcefulness: abundance

  • I am abundance
  • abundance comes to me effortlessly
  • I have abundance
  • Opportunities for abundance always come to me
  • Earthly Missions: work
  • I am happy with my career
  • Career opportunities always come to me
  • My career gets better every day
  • I am receiving knowledge everyday
  • My career provides me with more than enough money than I need

Recreation: adventures; joy; hobbies; sports

  • I am able to travel anytime I want
  • I am always full of joy
  • I am happy with all of my hobbies
  • I can go to sporting events anytime I want
  • I love playing sports

Contributions: Community; Service; Giving; Helping Others

  • I love helping others
  • Everything that I do is an act of giving
  • All of my thoughts serve my community

Spiritual: Meditation; Inner Self

  • I am able to meditate deeply and easily
  • All of my thoughts are positive
  • My inner self is very powerful
  • I love all beings

For us to be in service to all beings every minute of every day, keeps us in line to receive inexhaustible possibilities of ideas, opportunities, resources and happiness in all facets of our lives. Service to all beings is service to our selves. What we put out, is what we get back. So if we only put out positive thoughts, then we only receive positive back. This is aligning us with exact universal laws which are in place for the good of all beings. As we serve, we are served. Once we adapt the mind set of serving all beings with positive thoughts, life is easier, more productive, and we are able to know the outcome of all circumstances, success will flow to us effortlessly. The people, opportunities, and resources come to us as we need them. We will awaken to the fact that we are the masters of our life and our success. The rectification of our thoughts every day is a very important goal to work for. When we reach a point that all of our thoughts are all positive and creative, we will soon realize that the circumstances, events, environments, and people that come into our lives will be in line with our needs that bring success and happiness; this allows us to live the fullest and most productive life that is imaginable. When our thoughts are perfected, the universal laws serve us. Hardships disappear and opportunities come to us, our passions of life are fulfilled. It is like the whole world is working for us providing us everything, almost without effort! At the point our thoughts are all creative and positive our personnel goals have been fulfilled, personnel relationships will expand. Our health is perfected. We will be prosperous in our finances, our spiritual aspirations and abilities become unlimited and inexhaustible.

What we think is what we are. Moment by moment we construct our bodies, our minds and our environment’s that we live in. our thoughts are powerful tools in constructing our future.

Every thought is energy with a certain frequency; just as everything seen or unseen is energy with a frequency. As we think we command those energies to do as we will; whether they are positive or negative. The universal laws are established and they are flawless, when our thoughts match the energy frequency of those things that we need the universal law has no other choice but to grant us that which we have thought and felt. If it is negative things that we are thinking and putting a lot of energy and faith that they are real, then we call them into our life. We must guard our thoughts endlessly and only allow the thoughts that we have to be positive or things that we need. If we spend our day complaining or worrying about negative things then the energy will bring us only negative things.


We come to the second source of our existence. We will discuss in detail the meaning and application of our feelings used in service of all beings; most of the time our feelings: emotions are created by what thoughts we entertain. If our thoughts are positive then our feelings: emotions will be positive. If our thoughts are negative then our feelings will be negative. Our feelings are the dynamic force that empowers our thoughts to become reality. So if we are thinking only positive and creative thoughts then the feelings that we have will be positive and assure us the success of our ideas. The stronger or more intense our feelings; emotions are, the faster our thoughts and ideas become manifest.

As we interact with other people, our thoughts and feelings will shift. By maintaining a positive and serene emotional being, we are assured a successful outcome of all circumstances in our lives. Each day we are subject to thousands and thousands of subliminal messages through TVs. radio, newspapers, magazines, books, computers, videogames, billboards, road signs, store displays and product packaging. Our thoughts are overwhelmed by these subliminals’ that cause our emotions to pass through many positive and negative states of being. If we allow ourselves to be subject to these subliminal’s, we will not be in control of our future. For these subliminals keep us focused on negative things or in a “consumer mind set” make more money, and buy more things. If we are always taking into ourselves negative news and negative entertainment, we are setting ourselves up for negative to come into our lives. We must awaken to the fact that these subliminals are not good for our mind or our feelings: emotions because they will set an energy frequency of failure for us. They will keep us in a state of fear, depression, pain, sadness, wanting and the pursuit of money.

Here are a few examples of the harmful subliminal frequencies that we are subject to every day. TV, news, reports of killings, rape, disasters, crime, wars, bad economy, no jobs, and disease. Negative TV, Movies, and shows about murder, gore, rape, drugs, hate, war, fighting, crime, gambling, fear, holocaust, evil, arson, and depression; also, TV and radio commercials of all kinds. Other examples of the harmful subliminal frequencies are product advertising on billboards, signs, store displays, product packaging, magazines and newspapers. All of these subliminal sources are ever present broadcasting their negative energy frequencies. These subliminals’ distract us from feeling good or being happy. If we allow them to they will control our emotions and interrupt us in our way of thinking, feeling, speaking, and that which keeps us from claiming our inheritance. We will be prisoners of a negative and pitiful existence. We will never have enough time or money. We will struggle in careers or jobs that we do not like. We will never be satisfied with the things we have. We will be driven forward with endless desires and wants that are never fulfilled. We will be subjected to negative and harmful circumstances and environments that we must endure. We will be frustrated and sad. We will be in constant contact with negative and evil beings. We will suffer many pains, sicknesses and even death. We have explored the vast negative subliminal sources, their dismal frequencies and the harmful effects that they inflict upon us. Now we will discuss how to free ourselves of these negative subliminal frequencies. First, we must avoid as many of the negative subliminal sources that we can. Each day we must not allow ourselves to watch, listen, read or feel their influences. If we watch TV, we should watch good quality programs and movies that have positive, informative, or uplifting dialog which makes us feel happy and good. When we are happy and feel good, we are in service to all beings. When we work on the internet, read books, magazines, and newspapers they must be positive, informative, and uplifting. We must love our work, because if we don’t love our work, we are allowing ourselves to dwell in environment’s that we don’t belong in.” We must find our passion in our work by finding our work in our passion.” As we find our passion: our life calling, we find happiness providing service to all beings. Living our passion brings fourth all of the resources that we need in great abundance. When we have a need for food or material things, most of us have to rely on getting this food and products from grocery stores or large department store’s that are established for making large amounts of money. There are many professionals that work for these companies that are there to create new ways to design these stores to entice, manipulate and trick each and every customer into buying their products, by using sound, visual effects, colors, advertisements, attractive displays and fancy product packaging arranged on the shelves to maximize their profits. Their job is to mesmerize each person into spending their hard earned money on food or products that are unnecessary or of little or no true value. The products have very colorful and visual stimulating designs that work on our feelings: emotions, they promise quality and durability at a low cost. They lead us to believe our life will be improved by having them. Our health and vitality will increase. Also they make us feel that we cannot live without them. But the truth is, most of those claims are nothing but lies. We cannot allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by these subliminal frequencies that manipulate our feelings into negativity. We can rid ourselves of this negativity by writing lists of the products we need before we go to these negative environments. We should only purchase the products that we have on our lists. We can make sure that we research the products before we go to buy them to make sure that they are truly worthwhile. Once we understand all of the subliminal sources and their frequencies we free ourselves of their power over us. We take charge of our feeling: emotions and we are able to feel the things that make us feel alive, healthy, prosperous, and happy. When our feelings are positive we become more creative and our lives flow almost effortlessly toward success. It is very important for us to have positive feelings: emotions all the time. For all the things we feel to be true becomes true. The feelings that we entertain will empower the thoughts that we have and desire them forward with great power. A positive feeling heals our minds and bodies; they bring to us our experiences, friends, associates and opportunities. They construct our environments and solidify our desires which pave our way to success.


The third source of our existence, that we use to service all beings are words. Let us go over the meaning and application of the use of spoken and written words used in service of all beings. Words are the most used and versatile tools to communicate to others our thoughts and feelings. These tools can be used constructively or destructively. Words can be creative and powerful; they can explain ideas, tell stories, reveal secrets, unlock our mind and heal our bodies.

If we use negative words to communicate to other people we are calling negativity into our lives. We should always refrain from speaking or writing profanity of any kind because it broadcast’s negative frequencies that surrounds us and stirs up negative emotions in others. An example of the harmful effects of verbalizing profanity would be: when we call someone a profane name they would immediately take up a defensive stance, their thoughts would be negative because they would feel attacked, so their feelings would be hurt which would cause them to lash out with negative words of profanity. The likely outcome would be a fight between you and the other person. So when we eliminate profane words from our vocabulary we yield more positive energy when we communicate.

Another area that will harm us and keep us from living positive, productive lives is negative statements like;

  • I am depressed,
  • my back hurts,
  • I am sick,
  • I don’t have much money,
  • I am always tired,
  • I have to many bills,
  • My life sucks,
  • My car is always breaking down,
  • I have a headache.

There are statements that sound positive but they are also negative. Examples are;

  • I am not tired anymore,
  • I am not depressed,
  • My back does not hurt anymore,
  • I used to have money problems,
  • I never get sick.

Statements like these basically bring to us those things that we are denying. So we should never include negative words in our statements.

A few of these negative words are; never, sick, problems, does not, hate, fear, pain, hurt, depressed, alone, poor, unhealthy, frustrated, broke, etc.

If we always use positive words when we speak or write we are serving all beings and our rewards will be magnificent. All of the things that we lacked will come to us through sources that are infinite. Positive words that are spoken or written are powerful and they awaken universal laws that are absolute. When our words are positive and flow from us through creative thoughts and good feelings, the universal laws are activated. Our words become intelligent energy frequencies that call the necessary resources, people, environments, and circumstances to come to us to obey our command.

Think about this, every word spoken or written is created from a thought backed by a feeling that will become manifest to benefit us or harm us. So we must be very careful to speak and write words and statements created from positive thoughts and feelings to insure our success in all endeavors. When our statements are a combination of positive and negative words they will cancel each other out and will produce undesirable or pitiful results. If our verbal and written statements are positive, but our thoughts and feelings are negative or weak then they will back the necessary energy frequency to bring to us a good outcome to our desire. When our verbal or written words or statements are negative created by negative thinking and emotions we can be certain that tribulations, pain, sadness and disappointment will follow.

It is very clear that we should always guard our spoken or written words so that every word that we speak or write becomes opportunities to serve all beings in a positive way.

Here are some examples of positive statements that we can use every day to awaken to the truth that we are masters of our life.

  • Every thought that I have is positive,
  • Every feeling that I have is positive,
  • Every word or statement I speak is positive,
  • My words are loving,
  • My words are powerful,
  • My mind is calm,
  • I am healthy and happy,
  • I am surrounded by love,
  • Wealth is pouring into my life,
  • I am wise,
  • Abundance flows to me and through me,
  • I am peaceful,
  • I am living my passion,
  • I am thankful for all things,
  • I love all,
  • The universe provides me with only beneficial circumstances,
  • I speak only truth,
  • I am always kind and helpful,
  • I am successful.

Here were just a few of the many positive statements we can use every day. We should do our best to make every statement that we speak or write to be creative and positive. I would like to share with you a series of short positive statements that I use every day which I find to be very useful and powerful;

I am whole, I am perfect, I am powerful, I am strong, I am loving, I am harmonious, and I am happy.

We call these statements positive affirmations, which can be used anytime that we wish to reinforce our thoughts and feelings with positive energy frequencies. If we are in a negative situation or environment we can speak multiple affirmations in a sequence. We can say a single affirmation repetitively or only one time, whatever works to help bring our thoughts and feelings to a creative and positive frequency.

The more that we use affirmations in our daily lives, the more that our words and statements will contain creative and positive energy frequencies, which enables us to serve all beings, and at the same time it attracts to us the circumstances, people, resources, and environment’s that we need for our own success.


Deeds are the fourth source of our existence that we are going to look into to get a better understanding of its meaning and application, along with its use of service to all beings. Most of us are used to understanding good deeds as helping others with this work, or assisting those who are in need like the homeless, elderly people, and children. There are many examples of things that we can do which would be considered “good deeds” like, giving money to someone in need, teaching someone to read, picking up groceries for grandma, taking out the garbage for mom, filling out tax forms for a friend, giving your wife a massage or opening a door for a stranger. The list of good deeds could go on forever. All of the deeds that we have mentioned are good and very useful in our service to all beings. If we keep our-selves alert to the many opportunities to serve others through good deeds, we will begin to understand the basics to its meaning and application. Do you know that with every breath and every step we take we are in service of all beings? When we use any of our five physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch in a positive way we are in service of all beings. The first physical sense we are going to focus on is sight. When we observe any being within our realm of vision we are broadcasting energy frequencies to those beings that we observe, according to the thoughts or feeling that we are having at that moment. If our thoughts and feelings are positive, then we are in service to those beings that we are observing. Let us say; (for example) that we are observing a flower? Are we thinking positive things about that flower like,” you are a very beautiful, healthy and colorful flower.” If we are thinking and feeling positive things while we are observing this flower, then we are in service to this flower and all beings. A question might arise. How are we in service to this flower and all beings when we are looking at the flower with positive thoughts and feelings? Well the answer to this question is; when we observe with positive thoughts and feelings we are generating positive energy frequencies that affect the flower and everything around it on an energetic level. The reason that this happens is because all thing’s that exist are made up of intelligent energy particles with specific frequencies that are affected by positive or negative thoughts and feelings which are the most powerful energy frequencies in the universe. So when we observe this flower it makes us feel good and happy, its positive energy frequencies has affected us so we acknowledge it with positive thoughts and feelings to let it know that it is important. Other beings that are close by when we empower this flower, they are affected with this exchange of energy and a cycle of positivity has been created.

The cycle of positivity is service to all beings involved. The second sense that we are going to discuss concerning service to all beings is sound. Just like the sense of sight, sound is also used to transfer energy frequencies. For example, when we take a walk in nature we can listen to all the sounds around us with positive thoughts and feelings, acknowledging the beings that make them with delight. When we allow ourselves to listen to the beautiful sounds of those beings with positive thoughts and feelings we are creating a cycle of positivity that services all beings.

The third and fourth senses that can be included in our service to all beings are smell and taste. When we are outside smelling the wildflowers in the spring, we are acknowledging the wonderful aroma of flowers with positive thoughts and feelings; we are creating cycles of positivity which is servicing all beings. We need to have good thoughts and positive emotions when we are enjoying our food. We need to make sure we take our time when we consume our food. We should take a mental note of the smells and the taste as we eat. For example; you are happy and your mind is clear of negativity, you pick up a big red apple, you look at it, you smell its wonderful aroma, you say to yourself, “this beautiful red apple smells great,” then you take a bite, it is juicy and sweet, your taste buds get a rush of flavor, which makes you feel great, you take care in chewing every mouthful slowly to savor each and every bite. You feel good because by consuming our food in this way, we are creating a cycle of positivity between ourselves and the apple. Our positive thoughts and feelings coupled with our strict attention in care of smelling and tasting every bite; we have empowered the apple with positive energy frequencies that we take inside ourselves. That positive energy will nourish trillions of cells within our body. We have served the apple because we have acknowledged its being. By consuming the apple in such a positive way we have created a very powerful cycle of positivity that has serviced many.

Now we come to the fifth physical sense that we can use to service all beings, and that is touch. Our sense of touch can be used in so many ways in servicing all beings, and we will address a few of the less common practices. Every time that we inhale or exhale a breath of air, we are in service of other beings. So by always maintaining a positive and creative state of mind and emotional being with everything we do we will be servicing all. Now let us look at a few ways to serve by using the physical sense of touch. As we take a breath of air into our nose and lungs we pay close attention to feel the cool air as it passes through our nasal passage and into our windpipe as it makes its way to our lungs. We feel our lungs expanding, as the air enters our lungs the Avila collects the molecules of oxygen and transports those molecules throughout our body by way of our blood and the vast network of blood vessels to every cell within us. Then we feel the air come out of our lungs, into our windpipe, across our tongue, and through our lips; but the air that has come out of us is not the same air that went inside of us when we inhaled. The difference is its chemical composition. The exhaled air has a lot less oxygen, and it’s full of carbon dioxide and other toxins that our body is getting rid of. All of this takes place in two seconds. If during the process of inhaling and exhaling we are of a positive and tranquil mind, taking account of the breath process and life-sustaining elements contained within the air to provide all the trillions of cells in our body with the energy molecules to sustain their existence, then we are creating cycles of positivity that services many, including ourselves.

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